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This one made me blushhhh

This one made me blushhhh


Fat Levi - Hunter x Hunter, Akatsuki Levi - Hunter x Hunter, Background Levi - Soul Eater

Yep, that would be one hell of a movie/cartoon.  [Source: Avenoire]

Best Crossover Ever [Comic]

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Bahahaha...Edna is always right.

Loki, like Edna Mode, (The Incredibles) knows the secret weakness of all superheroes: Capes.

YOU CAN SEE THE HOUSE COLORS AN THEIR SCARVES ...(made out of zinnias or silk or something shiny of that ilk^_^) (yes I know the words to this song by heart :D)

The New Golden Trio

Equestria Daily: Top 20 Pop Culture and Movie References from Season 4

Spirit really was a great dad he always tries so hard and i wish maka would be kinder to him

My teacher asked us what we thought about to perk ourselves up when we're in a bad mood and seriously it's this scene.

Magical Mystery Shack - PART 2 by JayParmesan.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I am so bummed that I could not have uploaded this sooner! ANYWAY here's part two of a Gravity Falls/MLP comic that is months in the. Magical Mystery Shack - PART 2