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Eye-catching visual merchandising - Retail window design is something that shouldn't be underestimated. A striking piece of visual merchandising can capture shoppers’ attention, and encourage them to cross the threshold of a store.


Retail ‘The Picnic’ features a massive wooden construction of Dinesen Douglas Fir and a textile installation consisting of straps made out of a selection of twenty different Kvadrat textiles.

The Other Sun - Jacob Hashimoto

Scale: Jacob Hashimoto work using traditional kite-making techniques on a grand scale from his studio in Brooklyn. Small kite elements are handmade from paper and adhered onto a bamboo frame.

Yarn Installation, Window display

Discover thousands of images about Yarn Installation, Window display. Lots of fun in this link including sticky note in window.

Megan Geckler’s installations look like a burst of fluorescent light; a show of bold colours cutting through industrial spaces. Geckler uses bright flagging tape - the kind you find just off the...

Idea for Pentecost or Trinity? Megan Geckler >>> String Art Installations >>> Installations are created with flagging tape (the plastic ribbon used on construction sites) and assembled by hand with help from assistants.


Using simple illustrations on white card or paper to display products in your store front shop window display.

LILIENTHAL|ZAMORA is a collaboration between Etta Lilienthal and Ben Zamora, both performance designers who together have worked on many striking stage sets (I especially love last year’s Underbelly) as well as the labyrinthic installation Through Hollow Lands at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle. Made with 200 suspended fluorescent tubes, the bright and geometric piece has a great futuristic look to it. Beautiful. |

HOLY JESUS -- Fluorescent tube art installation at Frye Art Museum, Seattle, by Lilienthal and Zamora

Stage Design| How to achieve big effects with small space & budget. Church Stage Design from Casa de Adoración Jabes in Bayamón, PR. Made from Coroplast.

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BEST OF MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2015 | Weathered sculptures by KNEIP. http://www.yatzer.com/best-of-milan-design-week-2015