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God made all creatures beautiful... He just spent a little more time on Southern Belles :)... Life in the south quote - South of the Mason Dixon Line - Maryland to down yonder! #Southern lady

if your from the south you know what I'm talking about!

I said to Dad today, "I want to stay where I can get my green beans fried and corn bread cooked in Mamaw's iron skillet." He was discussing moving to Colorado.

I know I'm from the south and love being a southerner, but the day I say bless your heart to someone is the day that I will officially consider myself a southern belle

I never have enough room on my clothesline - the cloth napkins take so much space! Note to self: Add another clothesline, because I am not giving up those napkins.

A Southern Belle's Dream-or just when your mother works at Vineyard Vines...or something...

They say, "If you choose a career within your passion, you'll never work a day in your life." ~ there's a reason you love what you love; could it be the path of your destiny?

Used to watch "Alice" growing up and loved Flo's character. Also, I once gave my uncle a hat with that saying on it.

I stick to Rule #5 without even realizing it. When I get to a door, I'll wait for a complete stranger to open it for me, purely out of habit and upbringing. The beauty is that they open it for me!

The South- perfect explanation....but "ain't" is in my vocabulary.