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  • Ryan Roberts

    Selling your kite surfing gear? Learn what Kiteboarding gear is the most popular and when / where in this infographic featuring riders Susi Mai & Annabel van Westerop from Cabrinha Kites

  • Marii loo

    Interesting Info - Kite Gear for Sale Kiteboarding by

  • Jon Hunt
    Jon Hunt • 1 year ago

    the graphics on this are great. the info is basically showing what kite gear people are done with. you won't see my wainiman hawaii quiver posted anytime soon!

  • Debi McGinn
    Debi McGinn • 1 year ago

    I had the same first thought ....does this mean people want to get rid of Cabrinha's most LOL! Just because there is more of one type of used gear out there doesn't really mean its the most popular, or that people are canning it. Hard to say what it really means....which manufacturer has spent the most marketing money to have biggest market share? I think we can all agree though that north america's most popular kite purchase month is July LOL !

  • Ryan Roberts
    Ryan Roberts • 1 year ago

    You guys are definitely on to something. When I was creating the data set used for this infographic it became clear that it was either a surplus or dislike of the product / brand. I had origionally pitched the branding offering to BEST and they kind of turned it down. In my opinion being in a lower position in this infographic is better than being #1 however, both speak volumes. Cabrhina has a great track record and probably one of the highest dollar resale values on the market. If anyone has any ideas on how I can determine which possibility is correct let me know, ill gladly do some more digging! In the mean time, I think we should add a "SOLD" button to help capture more data for future infographics. That would tell us quite a bit more about popularity, second hand sell through, and also how well riders like the gear. Thanks!!! Fun little project...

  • Matt Littledale
    Matt Littledale • 1 year ago

    I agree with Ryan on Cabrhina's track record. Well made kites are easy to resell and often newbies often buy used gear and will likely feel more comfortable on a bow kite.

  • Jason Sweers
    Jason Sweers • 1 year ago

    Good summary Ignition -- you nailed it.

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