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How to grow garlic indoors using a garlic clove that had sprouted in with the onions. So much easier that I thought it would be. Grew so fast I had to transplant it to a bigger pot after just a couple of weeks. So much fun.


How to Make a Homemade Butterfly Feeder

How To Make a Butterfly Feeder, DIY

Growing ginger from store-bought roots is easy with these 5 foolproof steps | The Rainforest Garden

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How to Grow an Endless Supply of Garlic Indoors

There is a huge choice of plants that you can grow at your home. Garlic is a plant that is cheap and easy to grow. Did you know that by eating a whole head of garlic every day you can do miracles for your body? Garlic is a very simple ingredient but with extraordinary health ...

Clever trick to protect fruit from birds and squirrels. SO smart! Thanks for sharing @Candice Lamb :)

Regrow Romaine Lettuce Hearts ~ and watch them grow back ~ lots of other tips about regrowing from kitchen scraps...

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Repurpose a Soda Bottle Into a DIY Irrigation System

Repurpose a soda bottle to be a DIY irrigation system for plants or a garden!

A complete guide on how to grow tomatoes that are perfect and flavorful! Plant tomatoes on their side? never heard of this...might have to try a few like that!

Companion Plants for Tomatoes can decrease pests and increase yields of certain varieties, with a bit of wise understanding of the associative needs of ones vegatable plants.


Growing Pumpkins - How To Grow The Biggest And Most Delicious Pumpkins

Did You think about Growing Pumpkins for Halloween? These pumpkin growing tips will help you to grow many delicious pumpkins. Learn about planting pumpkin seeds, varieties and how to keep a pumpkin plant healthy.

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How to Plant Garlic

How to Plant Garlic:

I've heard this works with green onions but had no idea it worked with celery. Just plant the base of your store bought celery and watch it grow!

Epsom Salt for Tomato, and Pepper Growing, helps prevent blossom end rot and encourages bigger fruit and healthier plants.

Highly recommend pruning your tomato plants. Last year I pruned half of each variety I had growing in my garden to see if pruning had any effect. I was amazed when the plants that I had pruned started producing, they had at least twice as many vegetables and they were of larger size. Not only did the pruning increase my overall yield on those plants but it also made the plants easier to train up the posts I had in place.