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    Yoga Hand Mudras Meaning | About Your Hands

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    Mudras for Emotional & Spiritual Use (by Patanjali Aphorisms, via Flickr) Loved & pinned by http://www.shivohamyoga.nl/ #yoga #meditation #breathe #zen #namaste #om #aum #balance #minfulness #focus #health #peace #mudra

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Mudras for emotional well-being. Like & Share

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra (maha-mrityun-jaya) is one of the more potent of the ancient Sanskrit mantras. Maha mrityunjaya is a call for enlightenment and is a practice of purifying the karmas of the soul at a deep level. It is also said to be quite beneficial for mental, emotional, and physical health.

om mani padme hum in sanskrit


This is one of the most sacred mantras. This kriya works right on the spot. It’s not that if we chant it today, it will work tomorrow. It will work right then and there. As much as you will chant, that much it will return to you.



Healing mudra The Healing Mudra is often used by the Buddha called Sange Menla. Sange Menla brought the science of healing to the Buddhists. It will help your body create a supportive environment for healing, so the medical and alternative solutions you employ have a better chance of working. It is not meant to be a replacement for medical solutions, it supports those therapies. The hand position for the Healing Mudra is the same as it is for the Knowledge Mudra, but your fingers must b...

Knowledge mudra This mudra stimulates the ability to learn and teach. It is the mudra of knowledge. Using this mudra makes it easier for both sides of your brain to link new neurons together, (thus forming connections that are the basis for inspiration and the aggregation of new knowledge). These neural connections also enable you to communicate information more easily, and more effectively. The Knowledge Mudra is also useful for acquiring knowledge from the Heavens, for learning subconsci...

third eye


Ksepana Mudra – for letting go and removal of negative energy.

Akash Mudra - for heart diseases, vertigo and joint aches.

Prana Mudra - Recharge your inner battery.

The Prithivi mudra recharges the root chakra aligning it with earth energies.


Considered the mudra of highest enlightenment, this hand position strengthens inhalation and provides energy and inspiration. -Meditation: Mantras and Mudras, Chapter 4

mudra of happiness

mudra for self-confidence

Chin Mudra: What it means when yogis hold their thumb and pointer finger together.

Susanna Tocco - Mudra Mantra

I'm practicing this Mudra for Healing a Broken Heart from Sabrina Mesko's Healing Mudras book now to release trapped energies of any/all past writing and creative processes that ended in heartbreak. Freeing myself to create beautifully at this time... from a deep place in my being.

Opening gate mudra improves listening & communication. It will treat any throat disorder & also helps you develop the ability to communicate at the physical & spiritual levels. The photo shows how to place your hands & that you wrap your left thumb inside the fingers of your right hand. Touch your right thumb & left middle finger & notice the sea shell shape. Breathe, relax, feel the energy flowing through your hands & throat. Use the mantra "OM" softly to enhance the effects of this exercise.