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Platypus, Werewolves, Wolf, Duck Billed Platypus

03. Queen Annalise of the Vile Blood

Bloodborne fanart, Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods.I will just, redraw the tarot. Annalise Queen of the Vileblood

That's Some Damn Good Dark Souls Pixel Art

I'm a fan of the Souls series, it'd be neat if someone did make a version of it. Dark Souls 2 Old Iron King Mockup


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62199837 Valtr the Old Hunter

62199837 Valtr the Old Hunter~ This character art is a perfect dipiction for the main villian in my new story. Ethen (Eth-en), takes the place of Adam in my new story over politics in a fantasy world.

#darksouls #artorias #knight

A quick sketch of another character from Dark Souls, Artorias the "Abysswalker". One of the "Four Knights of Gwyn" - Artorias was a legendary swordsman . Dark Souls: Artorias the Abysswalker