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How Bright Our Flag Against The Sky Atop Its Flagpole Straight and High! How Bright The Red, The White The Blue, With What They Stand For Shining Through More Meaningful As Years Go By How Bright, How Bright The Flag We Fly. - By James Kuehn age 9 years.

The US Flag does not fly because the wind moves past it. The US Flag flies from the last breath of each military member who has died protecting it.

Stand beside her, and guide her, through the night with The Light from above. From the mountains, to the prairie, to the ocean, white with foam…….God bless America, my home sweet home!

"God is with you, and He'll help you make spiritual progress - strengthening and encouraging you to keep on keeping on during rough times. IT'S EASY TO QUIT, BUT IT TAKES FAITH TO PRESS ON TO VICTORY." ~ Joyce Meyer

Ronald Reagan used to carry a concealed .38 when he was President according to the Secret Service. A President that truly understood the meaning of he Constitution.

So glad that I live in America! We are truly blessed to live in this great country! But America needs God-fearing, God-loving citizens to pray & stand up for Biblical principals. It's what our nation was founded on! God Can Still Rescue America--for His glory!!!