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  • Moriah Piers

    friends joey woman | joey friends tv scene i'm a woman funny pics pictures pic picture ...

  • Sofia Younan

    Friends meme! Joey turning in to a woman.

  • Krystle Reiter

    Lol...always makes me giggle. <3 Friends

  • Lucifa Alysa

    Click this image to browse lots more #Funny #humor pics & awesome #quotes! :)

  • Stacy Chen

    Chandler and Joey Joey's turning into a woman... Haha! Friends :-)

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This just made me laugh so hard!! I need a friend like this

lol I miss FRIENDS so much!!!

Purely for the picture frame over the peephole. Forgot about this and doing it this wknd!

The show Friends is such a big part pop culture even today after being off the air for almost 9 years. Many women today still try to mimic the Rachel look as far as beauty standards

If he doesn't like you, this is all just a MOO POINT. Yeah, its a cows opinion, it just doesn't matter! FRIENDS!

no single story line has EVER made me laugh as hard as phoebe teaching joey french. :)

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Joey Knows His Priorities

Best joke ever. I still crack up and remember this episode whenever I hear or read the word unisex