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    Grossular, Mendié Kossa, Arrondissement Goundara, Cercle de Bafoulabé, Kayes Region Mali

    Grossular Garnet - Vermont


    Jeremejevite, Ameib Farm, Usakos, Karibib District, Erongo Region Namibia

    Grossular Garnet, Rough

    Azurite with Malachite - Namibia

    Anglesite / Morocco

    Silver Crystals | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Liddicoatite from Anjanabonoina Mine, Antsirabe Region, Madagascar

    Hematite Calcite crystal / Mineral Friends ♥

    Aquamarine stacked crystals on Muscovite and Albite matrix, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

    Doubly terminated Beryl (Aquamarine) :: Doubly terminated Aquamarine crystal showing two different terminations. One of them with very curious rounded dissolution forms and the opposite has pyramid terminations. The prism faces are very rich in growth pits. Excellent transparency, good color and brilliance make this specimen a very interesting one. Pica Pau, Padre Paraiso, Minas Gerais Brazil

    Pink Sapphire - crystal - genuine natural untreated pink Sapphire specimen. See *this* to me is just as beautiful as a cut stone. If I was given a chunk of raw, uncut gem stone I'd be just as happy, if not happier than if the guy gave me a ring/necklace/whatever.

    OcoOcho Agate w/druzy

    Lemurian Seed Crystals are unity consciousness crystals and help us reconnect to mother earth & universal love. The lore behind Lemurian Seed Crystals is that they were planted in mother earth by the people of Lemuria many moons ago in order to "seed" future generations with information. All Lemurian crystals are energetically connected to each other. Each crystal contains unlocked mysteries to our ancient wisdom that can be accessed through the horizontal markings on the sides of the crysta...

    Tricolor Elbaite :: Baixao Mine, Taquaral, Itinga, Minas Gerais Brazil

    Rare Yellow Wavellite

    Kunzite crystal

    Calcite (nailhead stalactite) from Hilton Mine, Cumbria #minerals #rocks #crystal