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    Tsunade The 5th Hokage, Naruto and Killer Bee

    Tsunade #fifth #hokage #naruto

    Hokages. Just saying, if Naruto doesn't become Hokage by the end, I'll be infuriated

    Naruto - Tsunade

    Finally became a hokage The SEVENTH hokage, the dumbass from team SEVEN, at the end of ch. SEVEN hundred...

    Fourth Hokage, Naruto

    Tsunade and Jiraiya

    Naruto/ 1st Hokage's wife

    Gaara - the 5th Kazakage

    Hashirama Tobirama Hiruzen Tsunade Jiraya Orochimaru

    NARUTO - Sasuke wants to be Hokage. I was one of the ones facepalming, soooo...yeah. Lol.

    Naruto Shippuden: Fourth Hokage Minato+ Jiraiya + Naruto

    Minato Namikaze - The Fourth Hokage, Jiraiya's pupil, Kakashi's sensei, and Naruto's father. Also known as the Yellow Flash of Konoha for his amazing speed and teleportation jutsu. He's the only shinobi since the First Hokage bad-ass enough to battle Uchiha 'Tobi' Madara and the Nine-Tailed Fox.

    All The Hokages 1st. Hasirama Senju 2nd. Tobirama Senju 3th. Hiruzen Sarutobi 4th. Minato Namikaze 5th. Tsunade Senju 6th. Kakashi Hatake 7th. Naruto Uzumaki

    Second, Third and Fourth Hokages (Endo Tensei)

    Hiruzen Sarutobi, Sandaime Hokage (Third Fire Shadow)

    The last - Naruto




    Orochimaru was an orphan who became a pupil of Hiruzen Sarutobi alongside Jiraiya and Tsunade known as the "Three Legendary Shinobi. Orochimaru is one of the three people capable of performing Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation, perfecting the technique developed by the Second Hokage