This reminds me of me and my sister...  mostly the hair color and age.. She never sat still. LOL!

This paining is a reminder that regardless of the times, children need to get lost in a book! "Afternoon Pastimes", by Knud Erik Larsen (Danish,

Woman Reading. c1903. Laura Muntz Lyall

Woman Reading Laura Muntz Lyall (Canadian, In 1887 Lyall studied at South Kensington, and later in Paris at the Académie Colarossi under J. Leblanc and others. She received.

The New Novel, 1877 (Detail), by Winslow Homer

Le nouveau roman - the new novel, 1877 (detail) Winslow Homer –

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Good Friends (Portrait of the Artist’s Sister Bertha Edelfelt), Albert Edelfelt (Finnish, Oil on panel. Edelfelt, from time to time, turned to scenes from Finnish.

In the Pergola by Oscar Bluhm 1892; I had this as a cheap print and shipped it to Australia when I came to live here but it got damaged. This was my idea of happiness when I was in my early 20's.

A daydreaming woman with a book in the garden. "In the Pergola" painted by Oscar Bluhm in 1892

william mcgregor paxton - Google 검색

William McGregor Paxton (American painter) 1869 - 1941 The Housemaid, 1910 oil on canvas private collection

Daydreaming. Fernand Toussaint (Belgian, 1873-1955). Oil on canvas.

✉ Biblio Beauties ✉ paintings of women reading letters books - Fernand Toussaint (Belgian artist, A Quiet Moment

pintura de Bessie MacNicol

✉ Biblio Beauties ✉ paintings of women reading letters & books - Bessie MacNicol - "Elizabeth reading"

Resultado de imagen de carl vilhelm holsoe artist

Aaron Abraham Shikler was an American artist noted for portraits of American statesmen and celebrities like Jane Engelhard, Sister Parish and John F.