Yogasaki sushi burritos, Los Angeles

The Grilled Cheese Truck, Los Angeles

Cousins Maine Lobster, Los Angeles

Baby's Badass Burgers, Los Angeles

Kogi Food Truck, Los Angeles


Grill 'Em All, Los Angeles

Get ready to find your new favorite.

top 25 list, best food trucks in NYC, New York (note: from 2010) | article w/ links, webpage, more info:

I could so do this, have my very own cupcake cart. Orticola 2011 by California Bakery, via Flickr

The Honey Pot Bakery - Portland, OR

LA Food truck guide

Taste journey: PortlandFrom food carts to microbrews, here are the super-stars of the Portland dining and drinking scene (via sunset magazine)

California burritos, now without the drive to San Diego.

LA food trucks

best of L.A. food trucks round-up...just in time for Abbot Kinney's monthly #FirstFridays

The 10 Best Taco Trucks in L.A. | Food Rant | Food | KCET