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Outro sequence for "The Crew" video game. (Blue Earth made by Fcome). Full movie at :

An animation from my graduation project. Here is the entire movie : Music made by Agathe MAX :

Excellent animated type sequence by Al Boardman mechanical type. Reminds m of something I can’t quite put my finger on. Suggestions in the comments! See his London loop here. IBMblr ‘Patents’ Working with the great team at Ogilvy NY, I was tasked to produce the header for IBM’s excellent Tumblr page 'IBMblr'.

The creators of The Divide approached us with an interesting challenge for a title sequence… How do we communicate the idea of a post-racial America in an untraditional way? The series, set in Philadelphia, dives heavily into the gray areas of our justice system, where there is no clear picture who is good and who is evil, whether they are prison inmates or respected politicians. A wonderful city rooted deeply in our country's history, Philadelphia inspired us immediately. ...

Tom Clancy's The Division by Patrick Clair. Antibody worked with the good folk from Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment to create the launch trailer for their terrifying new story world.

NEXT TV is a brand new channel. It covers a bunch of topics that are current and relevant to its young target – music, е-sports, app reviews, games, technologies, extreme sports and more. We were i...

For my final project I decided to make a video about the benefits of becoming a counselor. I've been a camp counselor for the past 5 summers and it has helped me grow beyond anything that can fit in this video. I highly encourage everyone to look more into it and to give it a try.

Centric Branding

Each segment has a lot of movement, great colour, and transitions. A lot of different shapes. It's dynamic and keeps you interested.