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This is a good one for the guys.

Waist Line Dropped V and Slashed Poofy Pedal Pushers 09026974 09021168 Doublet and breeches beige velvet with red (no flash).

@Sara Kocher - Discount store curtain partlet.....

pretty sure I have a lace curtain that I can make a partlet like this out of, but the collar needs to be taller and stiffer, so maybe not

Green Wool Elven Archer Cape Capelet Tudor Medieval Forest Renaissance... (415 NOK) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring wool capelet

Green Wool Elven Archer Cape Capelet Tudor Medieval Forest Renaissance Costume Game of Thrones Cloak Super Hero shirts, Gadgets

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Recreating 16th and 17th Century Clothing: The Renaissance Tailor | Demonstrations>Accessories:Western European>Partlets

Recreating and Century Clothing: The Renaissance Tailor - Three partlets: The black velvet one is typical of the Tudor eral. The white one is made from lace and the one with the fleur-de-lys is embroidered and couched with cord.

16th century

TUDOR STYLE Queen Claude, Anne of Bretagne's daughter, is wearing the updated version of 'French Hood', of which her mother made famous. Also with French fashion, the skirt worn by Claude is wider and more round then her mother's more loose skirt.

Elizabethan layers http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/9b/73/51/9b73515234858f3ba1216f82ca3c2bfb.jpg

Really lovely reproduction of the Anne of Austria dress as well as a nice visual of all the layers that go into a court gown.