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4851 Παιδικός ζωολογικός κήπος

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6772 Πάρκο με Άγρια Ζώα

5252 Μικροί ινδιάνοι και ζώα

5125 Σπιτάκι σκύλου με κουταβάκια.

So, if the Nazis had won, and then they made cute plastic figurines of Jews and synagogues, and made money selling them, that would be approximately as atrocious as this playmobil set. It is really inappropriate to fetishize and cute-ify a population that has been decimated by genocide and is still being marginalized and murdered.

:) I used this in my doll house and to feed the beanie babies and littlest petshop animals (hated barbies)

5124 Στάβλος με μοσχαράκι

1974 Playmobil Geobra Astronaut, white space suit, vintage toys, original, collectible, spaceman, moon, Greece on Etsy, $15.43 AUD