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Playmobil Zoo | Playmobil Grand Zoo - Achat / Vente UNIVERS MINIATURE Playmobil Grand ...

City Life: Zoo: Flamingos


5125 Σπιτάκι σκύλου με κουταβάκια.

Playmobil Babywearing...couldn't resist, plastic or not.

5252 Μικροί ινδιάνοι και ζώα

1974 Playmobil Geobra Astronaut, white space suit, vintage toys, original, collectible, spaceman, moon, Greece on Etsy, $15.43 AUD

Superkalifragelistigexpialigetisch, dieses Wort klingt durch und durch... als ich als Kind den Film sah, mußte ich dieses Wort unbedingt auswendig lernen! Kam im Lied von Mary Poppins vor und ist bis heute meins geblieben! ...und hops!

Méchant Design: life style in a chapel

So, if the Nazis had won, and then they made cute plastic figurines of Jews and synagogues, and made money selling them, that would be approximately as atrocious as this playmobil set. It is really inappropriate to fetishize and cute-ify a population that has been decimated by genocide and is still being marginalized and murdered.

  • Althea Christensen

    *sigh* it's not about "all toys being white", it's about not giving kids the idea that indians are just toys for their amusement. They are a diverse group of people, with histories and cultures and religions and languages, not just one group of canoe-paddling, teepee-living, face-painting, cowboy-fighting movie characters.

  • Melia

    So we can make toys of other cultures, but not Native Americans? That makes no sense. The Germans didn't oppress the Native Americans. Have you seen Playmobil's cartoons? The Native Americans are the good guys. I don't understand what you want. Should the whole world ban all toys representing Native Americans? Or perhaps all toys that look like people because we shouldn't give kids the idea that people are just toys for their amusement?

  • Althea Christensen

    Oh lord. No. How many "toys of other cultures" reduce those cultures to tired stereotypes and cliches? Probably most of them. You're either going to be open minded or you're not, and it's time for me to seep, so check this out, and think on it a while:

  • Beth Binkovitz

    The fact that you think that these flat caricatures are somehow flattering, Melia, is itself an example of the kind of insult and injury these things represent to living, breathing First Nations people.

  • Melia

    It's a toy. Toys are flat caricatures. There's no way a toy can represent every detail of a culture, so either we represent cultures (imperfectly) as toys or we exclude them. Do you want to exclude them? That's the only solution that seems like it would satisfy you. I'm aware of the issue of appropriation, but what's the answer?

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Prince Charming Playmobil Geobra, 1993, vintage toys, original, collectible, Greece on Etsy, 5,60 €