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Ideas With Consequences

Consequence Jar with Free Printable Consequences

I LOVE this idea and will be implementing this in our high boy-energy house ASAP... I mostly love her reasoning behind it ("...I don't want to just assign something and walk away... I want the consequence to be a bit of a hassle for me. It prevents me from punishing him without following through and teaching him...")

When kids don't follow the rules...they can pick from the consequence jar! Just use a peanut butter container and let them decorate it. Come up with your own appropriate consequences to put inside. :-)

Classroom Management Makeover

Blog post with ideas for replacing punishments with things that really work! Plus a free logical consequences cheat sheet! :)


Coming up with consequences for kids is not always easy. Especially when you’re in the heat of the moment and you just need your kids to do what you ask! You need to find something that works and stick to it..

I was advised to post the rules of the house, this looks like a good list to start with. I am also supposed to post consequences; off to search for more ideas!