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Looking for texture, in all the wrong places.

Repetition: The multiplicity of blue dots and bulbous elements on this ceramic sculpture demonstrate repetition.

Harumi Nakashima l'arte delle ceramiche bianche e blu

Japanese artist Harumi Nakashima creates free-form ceramic sculptures that feature organic, yet psychedelic characteristics. Nakashima, mostly known for beautifully-structured, odd geometric shapes…

Looks as though its a tunnel into somebody's life, black and white, vintage chic, old fashioned, creative, simple

Oakley Sunglasses Chainlink Gunmetal, 57

Nicolas Malinowsky is a French artist who works as a graphic designer within the ill-Studio, a Paris-based creative platform. This series is taken from “Death and the afterlife”, his first solo exhibition.

multiple exposure                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Flash forward: Gjon Mili's amazing stroboscopic photographs – in pictures

Multiple exposure of American Ballet Theater ballerina Alicia Alonso executing a pas de bourree. Photo taken by Gjon Mili, 1944 (Alicia Alonso, b.

Repetition: repeated use of a shape, color, or other art element or design in a work can help unify different parts into a whole

Noelle Russomano Bic is in a better position because overall they have a better overall marketshare and higher industry growth than Gillette.

Tires are arranged in a fashion that make it look like they are knitted together creating a perfect sense of harmony. Its also a good example of the consistency of how they are arranged and create a pattern.

Texture- in my mined the tire looks rough. that is what texture is. (teture is, when you look at a object you dicide what you think i tlooks like.

Gray | Grey | Gris | グレー | Grigio | серый | Gurē | Colour | Texture | Pattern | Style | Design | Composition |

chairs in rows, another basic found pattern demonstrating the principle of repetition as it plays out in space

teabag bundle (palette)

pearl-nautilus: “ Tea Bundles ” At first, I thought these were badly made turkish Sarma… with strings!