Yeah, sounds familiar.

Your nipples will definitely try to poke their heads out and explore. | 29 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Have Big Boobs haha i love this one :D

Bahahaha...All. The. Time.

Bahaha, yep! Thank you Midwest!

It's true

I have no idea how many times someone has told me that lol...

way too true...HA


My life.

story of my life.

So true!

Every. time.

Hah :) ME!!


always. i AM socially awkward penguin. And this is why my brain thinks it's ok to interrupt people sometimes now...because everyone should know what I wanted to say

very true

true story.

Hahaha!! So true those people who send me 1,000 invites to Sims Social and Farmville over FB.