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Disney Beauty And The Beast Original Print On Sheet by arwdesign, $9.00

  • DeeAnna Patnaude

    Am I the only one who noticed that the sheet music is supercalifragilesticexpialidocious?

  • Shannon Brennan

    I noticed that too. It would be better if it was music from Beauty and the Beast.

Favoritist Disney movie of all time. I so wanted to be Belle when i was a little girl because she read and used her brain like me :)

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Beauty and the beast, a tale of two ostracized souls finding acceptance.

  • Aly L

    I honestly dont think gaston said women shouldnt read... He didnt know what a book was! The beast shunned a poor old lady and put his whole staff in danger. He kidnapped her and tried to kill her dad...

  • Harry West

    That's the whole point of the story; he was a terrible person and Belles sweet character changed him. And Gaston said it isn't right for a woman to read actually

  • Risa

    What movie did you watched Aly the beast never kidnapped belle belle offered her place in the castle so that her father could be free and gaston did say women shouldn't read he says in the movie "it's not right for a woman to read soon she stars getting ideas, thinking" and he also asks "how can you read this their no pictures" shows that he thinks belle is dumb he tried to kill the beast not because he wanted to save the town but because he was jealous

  • Risa

    He also killed the beast after the beast gave him his life back

  • Aly L

    Im not gonna argue over a disney movie lol. Im just team gaston all the way

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mid-century modern design disney-The Enchanted Rose, Beauty and the Beast

Look, there she goes. That girl is so peculiar..I wonder if she's feeling well. With a dreamy far off look - her nose stuck in a book..What a puzzle to the rest of us is Belle.

Punk tatted up Belle and Beast.. LOVE IT

Belle as Beast. - Beauty and the Beast | 13 Disney Heroines Swap Clothes With Their Heroes

Disney the beast/adam in college

Belle painting