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Blue Cheese Pasties, Black Pudding Scotch Eggs, Sausage Rolls & Roast Pork, Duke's

Man's costume, c. 1845. Item no. 110742. --- Mansdräkt från ca. 1845. Inv. nr. 110742. --- Photo: Mats Landin, Nordiska museet.

Mens Vest-- Victorian--Steampunk-- Sweeney Todd--Made To Order--Custom Optional---Made to Personal Measurements--collar options

Mens Vest VictorianSteampunk Sweeney ToddMade by OnceUponABustle, $130.00 Just so stylish. Good for Wild West Steampunk, too.

44 -46" Steampunk double breasted Waistcoat / Vest 'Sweeney Todd' style BJQSWE25

I think my sisters raised me on too much vintage pride and prejudiced Mr. Darcy....but you have to admit....there is something that is just so fetching about that time area and how men dressed...

mrs lovett! cannibalism, baked goods and burning oven deaths await. Perhaps also a touch of madness :D