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Vases from Dollar Store. Cut tissue paper into strips, then use modge podge to apply to vase. Allow to dry. Then use black paper for your various designs. Once again use modge podge to apply. I did the outside of vases as I wanted to put candles in them.

Unlike Jars and Vases, lanterns can have such lovely details in their metal frames, plus they can be quite large too which makes for a dramatic display. They come in many styles. This one is deep and wide which allows space for a Sea Fan, should you have been so lucky to find a treasure like that.

Rose water can be made at home. Gather the petals on a dry day & lay them on a tray for a few hours until wilted - this improves the perfume. Pack petals firmly in an airtight jar, cover w/ white wine vinegar & allow to stand 24 hours. Leave jar in a sunny place for 2 weeks, then strain water into bottles.

here are a few suggestions and tips... glass squares sprayed with a single monogram letter for coasters personalized vase use old jars and frost the names for sugar, flour, coffee and tea for a canister set frost a big jar for pet treats frost decorations on mirrors, windows, outside of shower stalls etc

gypsy bohemian room. okay, this is a weird post to post my questions on but is "gypsy" considered a "racial slur" of sorts? I've heard that it's rude/offensive from a few people online, as well as few in real life. That being said, none of those mentioned above were gypsies. I'm just confused because they call themselves that...but Blacks also call themselves the N-word. Is it like cultural slang, where only those of the proper descent are allowed to use it?? Does anyone have answers?

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50 Ways to Make Something New Out of Something Old

I've made book-trees, but not other shapes. I dig that these keep the shell of the book, allowing it to be used as a vase (for non-living flowers, of course).

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Creativity With Decorative Accessories: Part Two

(Maybe try with other color combos) In the living room: Here the yellow throw pillows are just like that small vase of fresh blossoms, adding just the right touch of yellow to this soft and sophisticated room.note the earth tone neutrals