Beach Waves Spray!

DIY Sea Salt Spray Recipe for Beachy Waves

I pretty much do all of these. I love taking night showers so I just go to bed with a wet head and wake up with natural and beachy waves!

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Da Fab Lips Treatment, How To Plump Your Lips Tutorial DIY Recipe #beauty #skincare Looks like it's going to burn, but bring it, lol

Sea Salt Spray DIY - Beach waves in a bottle

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Super Easy Beachy Waves How-to

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DIY: beach hair spray

I do this a lot. ESPECIALLY in summer. I have a lot of natural wave and curls. I twist all of my hair up into a high bun. Just below the top of my head. I have to do it all in one due to layers. Later when I let it down, it falls in very pretty and super shiney curls. I barely loosen them and then. Spray with KENRA #9.

I'll have to try this sometime

It took me an embarrassingly long amount of time to figure out that these were not in fact halves of moustaches. I swear I'm normal.

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Great Hair color!!

How to do Beachy Waves in less than 5 minutes

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