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So I finished the lineart(Yay!) and did a bit of coloring with my markers. Also I didn't realize how slowly I draw! This took my all day yesterday! And I was basically just tracing the pencil lines! Anyway, what do you guys think so far? Nice?:) ©Madeline Secules#TDQ

For @swiftclan4ever !! Sorry i couldn't do the whole body i had little black marker left.. if this isn't your character please don't repin. Drawn by @ruizbrandon704

AYY! Comic markers are so good ;~; yay! Another self portrait! By: Bob the Dolphin

Yay! Today is my 13th b day!! And I got copic markers!!! This is a Phoenix Fury and I would have added yellow eyes to it but I didn't have yellow. I've never touched a copic markers till now and I think I did pretty good!! Hope u like it and sry I haven't posted art in a while