Russia-based photographer Alexey Bednij waits for precise moments, and ensures the shadows in the scene are perfectly-placed, before capturing his black-and-white shots. In his series, he manipulates shadow in highly contrasting black-and-white images to create mind-bending compositions.

Vivian Maier Photographer

by Alexey Menschikov.........LOVE THESE PICTURES OF "CAT SHADOWS" .........LIKE THEY SAY---ONLY THE SHADOW KNOWS--.................ccp

Shadow Play

Esme Tosh - Gorgeous.

Noell S. Oszvald

Cats in the window - feline shadows & light. Trois P'tits Chats (Three Little Cats), photography by Michel Feugeas

Into the mist...

shadow picture with just shoes and rain (800×718) [casimages]

with their heavy weapons flashing in the darkness, the armored vehicles resemble fire-breathing dragons. - decapitate animals

The Dive

harvestheart: Me and My Shadow - Tina Ind black cat abstract

Fan Ho


(12) Tumblr

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Shadow Photography - Pol Ubeda Hervas

For some reason this reminds me of The Nightmare Before Christmas... photographer Mercuro B. Cotto

by Noura Abdulraheem