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Tn. night skies were full of them. Haven't seen many since moving to where I am now but when I do get to catch a glimpse of them... <3

Someday soon I hope we will drift to sleep together and the sleepless nights will become blissful dreams of each other

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Honestly, one of my favorite things in life are hand written letters. I save all of them, and love them, and will never throw them away. They mean a lot for some reason, they just do... I don't even know why but I've always wanted a penpal.

One of my most favorite things in the world is when I hold a baby's hand

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Life's simple pleasures | 1000 reasons to be happy and love life 😊 | Having smooth legs | And then getting into bed with clean, fresh sheets! |

two thoughts at the same time: "ugh why am i awake" and the other "YES!!!!"