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Kalimba Thumb Piano is a traditional African instrument that has a delightful sound and is easy to play, even for non-musicians. Made in the USA of cherry and solid birch. $34.95

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Wind Pipe Instrument

Straw Wind Pipe Instrument - easy project for learning about sound

Recycled Kalimba The kalimba also known as finger piano, is one of the most characteristics instruments of African music. Traditionally it is made of a pumpkin resonance box covered with a fine layer of wood which contains metallic keys, usually recycled ones. This one is a more peculiar kalimba. It is made using a sardine can. Diameter 10cm. Not recommended for under 3.

Here's a fun way for kids to learn about music from different cultures. The thumb piano is a popular instrument throughout Africa. Experiment with the sound made by having the pins at different distances apart. Paint it your favorite colors and get playing! Check out all of Zylie's fun crafts and activities at

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12 Sweet DIY Instruments For Cash-Strapped Musicians

Use old floppy disks to make this cool-sounding percussive instrument.

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DIY: Rain Stick

musical instruments for kids to make | ... musical instrument for young children that sounds just like falling

"The Secret of my Success - Bart Hopkin" | Child's Play Music. A blog review of 3 fantastic books that will teach you everything you need to know about making musical instruments from junk, recycled and simple materials. Not toys: these are instruments that WORK, sound fabulous, won't cost a fortune and are incredibly easy to make. Bart Hopkin's books are essential reading for anyone working with young children.

An innovative business that uses natural and recycled materials to create imaginative and appealing products. The Kalimba is also known as the finger piano, mbira, sansa or malimba and is a characteristic instrument of African music.

Picture of an Appalachia Man playing his Fiddle. Fiddle is a instrument used on appalachia music. It is very similar to a violin the main difference is the way that the musician plays it. It is a strong symbol of the appalachian music and culture.

The kalimba is an African musical instrument, a type of plucked idiophone (lamellophone) common throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

That’s right; the name of this mammoth beast is the Bowafridgeaphone (bow a fridge a phone). Experimental instrument maker Iner Souster has used refrigerator grates in quite a few of his instruments... Fridge grates, oh fridge grates I love you. Violin bows, on the other hand, are quite afraid of his instruments. Sound byte:

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The Extraordinary Benefits of Learning Music

The Extraordinary Benefits of Learning Music - "Students who learn music at an early age are more likely to excel in other extracurricular activities. They are also three times more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree."

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Homemade Musical Instruments

10 Homemade Musical Instrument Ideas |

coloring sheet, DIY directions, and giveaway for sisterm -- African instrument -- only available Feb 2012.

Intermediate Music Theory - You Can Understand Music Today Discover a whole new universe behind the music you are performing in a systematic and practical way.

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11 Golden Guitar Practice Tips - Multiply Productivity!

11 Golden Guitar Practice Tips For Ultra Productive Training Sessions #Guitar #guitarpractice #guitarhippies #metronome GuitarHippies - Inspiring Your Musical Journeys

Wonder who I could get to build this? Sensory Garden Musical Instruments