Picasso's wiener dog :) Stormy isn't a weiner dog (entirely) but he has the floppy ears and stubby legs!

The Wiener dogs answer for everything. Dachshund Stressful Situation Magnet for The Refrigerator | eBay

My dog is everything ♥ #dogs are the best!

Crazy Wiener Dog Mom Dachshund Coffee Mug – The Smoothe Store

60 Awesome Arm Tattoo Designs | Cuded

feathers for texture

Picasso Daschund - Saya mau tattoo ini!!!!

This lady definitely likes her doxie- I wonder if she owns a Zoe dog car seat found on Ebay for her Doxie. Zoe dog car seats make traveling fun for everyone. Search Ebay for Zoe Dog Car Seat all you people with dogs under 25 pounds.

Picasso :)


Butterfly tattoo. Behind the ear?

She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. -proverbs 31:25.

<3 Sister tattoos

My Picasso dachshund tattoo!!

doxie <3

Legs/Words. - Tattoologist

Like this leg piece I've always had a thing for sugar skulls but I like the rise as well

Light Saber tattoos! I don't necessarily like the placement, but the size and idea is very cool. #lightsaber #tattoo

want the tattoo and the ring

Lace arm wrap tattoo. :) or around leg like a garter

My Dachshund tattoo based off Picasso's print with my dogs name under it. ~<3