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    *We absolutely have no desire to fit in. #bethechange


    it IS possible to be both rare AND well done.......just sayin'


    I ask people who are "different", at what age they realized they were not like the others. It's a club you don't have to join. You are born to it and life's experiences reveal it to you everyday. You can view it as a blessing or a curse....your choice.


    Be direct. No need to worry about the opinions of others. Communicate clearly, and never regret not having said what you've wanted.

    The thing is -- when you TRULY love someone you strive to understand and you care about being clear to the person who is taking you in at any given moment. That's love.


    So me.

    I sit back & observe every person in my life. I know who's two-faced & has talked about me behind my back - & I also know who has been honest with me & loyal. If I keep a distance from you, guess which one you are?

    And even if I write it down, I'm probably not going to let you read it!


    being yourself vs fitting in

    Sometimes it's not a secret, it's just not their business!


    some days

    your gift

    Stand out and stand up!

    I have always been alone even when I was with someone and people have come and gone. I don't need anyone in my life but I want YOU in mine