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The Tampa Bay Times and The Center for Investigative Reporting have released a list of “America’s Worst Charities,” 50 organizations that raised billions of dollars, but give as little as 3 cents on the dollar to the actual cause! THREE cents on the dollar?! This should be illegal. Review, and spread the word.

Homeless Veterans Facts

Truth be told... Thank you corporate America for not paying a living wage so your employees don't need government assistance !!!

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What Strong People Do

Some people say I'm too soft but it allows me to love deeply and want to see the good in everyone. But it also means I feel everything, the good and the bad, to my very soul.

Let's not forget the slaughter of 4 American men, including the Ambassador, in Benghazi, Libya on 9/11/12. Hillary and the Jackass ignored their pleas for help and just let them be massacred, on video tape. Neither Clinton nor Obama has ever told the truth about their roles in Benghazi. And Obama won't even say where he was during the 8-hour siege. Playing hoop? Indulging in various "things"? Asleep? Non-functional?

God Bless Our Troops's photo. Non-Profit Organization Started by a group of Friends and CrossFitters from South Carolina who want to do more for the homeless veteran community. Feel free to contact us

Hardworking men & women who are busting their tails in full-time jobs shouldn't be left in popverty. ~ Elizabeth Warren

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Jobs for veterans

Could you imagine living on $5,506 or less for an entire year? That income is the harsh reality for some elderly women in America. Find out more & read up on the latest poverty figures at

Don't take American's Freedom for granted, our Veterans fought for it! Thankful for our military, Presbyterian Medical Services (PMS) is here for our New Mexico veterans. We provide services in support of veterans and their families. Our community health centers serve all ages. Visit for more information.


Oh, so you support the troops…

Help veterans get the proper physical and mental health care that they need after fighting for our country! That's supporting our troops!