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Blaster rifle/Legends

A blaster rifle was a designation given to certain types of offensive rifle-shaped blaster weaponry, typically with a longer barrel than other types of blasters. Blaster rifles were heavy duty blaster variants, much more powerful than a pistol, although heavy weapons were much more powerful than rifles. Most rifles came equipped with a stun setting, used to temporarily disable an opponent. Blaster rifles had a retractable stock and weighed about 4.5 kg for most models. The ideal range for...

A280 Blaster Rifle, G. Mason Graham on ArtStation at

DX-13 blaster pistol

Aurra Sing was a female near-human bounty hunter who operated prior to and during the Clone...

The S-5 blaster pistol was used extensively during the Battle of Naboo. Captain Panaka carried one such weapon during the fighting, though other members of the Royal Security Force wielded Naboo officer's pistols, a variation on the S-5 design. Panaka's nephew, Gregar Typho, carried one of these weapons while serving as Senator Padmé Amidala's bodyguard.

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S-5 heavy blaster pistol

The Security was a heavy blaster pistol produced by Theed Arms for the Royal Naboo Security Forces. This weapon was commonly used by members of the Security Officer Corps.

Debbie Reynolds from Singin’ in the Rain and her daughter Carrie Fisher from Star Wars. Together again in a better place. - Art by kathudsonart via Tumblr.

SW weapon redesign 2, Alessandro Sarritzu on ArtStation at