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"These extraordinary images reveal what happens when electrical surges pass through a metal board with a simple plant on top. Photographer Robert Buelteman sends volts through his flowery subjects and then literally paints photographs of the outcome."

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I took pictures of the scenery cause why the hell not i was bored and i also felt like increasing the heat for the humans who couldn't see me and i grinned as people cursed under their breath. I heard you appear and smiled at you.

"Hey, I'm Harry Styles. I was in One Direction and now I'm in Dunkirk" I smile a bit. "But we're not filming yet so I'm here"

Fairy Tales Come True! 25 Magical Fantasy Bridal Portraits You'll Love

Some say that art is not complete without a little fantasy, and fantasy photography opens the doors to many creative opportunities that make fairy tales come true. If you are a fairy tale lover, why not consider adding a touch of magic to your bridal or pre-wedding portraits? Fantasy photography takes a lot of time …