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Oreo Soft Cookies (Matcha Green Tea)

It may say Oreo on the bag, but it tastes nothing like one. Between each fluffy, chocolate cake "cookie" is a green tea, whipped cream. You'll want to savor each sweet bite! Texture: Fluffy and creamy

Petit Cheese Sandwich Crackers

{ Bourbon Petit Cheese Sandwich Crackers } - Sweet, creamy cheese that's sandwiched between two buttery, flaky cookies. The cookies are lightly dusted with salt. #cheesecracker #bourbon #japanesesnacks #snacks #craving #junkfood #nomnom #247japanesecandy

"When we focus and get up close and personal with what we desire, it has no choice but to appear and take on an entirely new life before us." - Chris Mott -

Petit Chocolate Chip Matcha Cookie

Japanese Candy, Chocolate, Snacks, & Food | Crunchy, crispy green tea cookies filled with bits of chocolate chips.

Chewy Malt Ball Cookies

Malt Ball Cookies made with #robinseggs #whoppers You will love how chewy these cookies taste! @shugarysweets