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    donttouchmyostrich: irishsunshineofmeh: nerdgirlwonder: withallthecolorsoftherainbow: It’s cool, I didn’t need my heart.. *sobs* I really hope every single goddamn person who reblogged this still doesn’t claim that pit bulls are killers. Because this is so vicious, right? I’m very defensive of this breed I have one and he is the sweetest thing the other night I woke up and he was sleeping right next to me with his nose pressed against mine it was the cutest thing

    I just cried my eyes out.

    The story of Tank!! - be prepared to weep!

    Awww :)

    I love dogs


    How sweet is this?!?

    I cried...

    mutts are always the cutest

    There is nothing better than coming home to your puppy.

    So sweet....


    This actually made me cry, the unconditional and loyal love of dogs....

    Best friends for 2 1/2 year. this is just too adorable


    That's awesome

    Don't shop. Adopt. There are so many dogs who are living in shelters who are ready to go to their forever homes. The love from an rescued dog is far more powerful than one that was bred to be bought as they truly NEEDED you to save them. I'm lucky enough to have 2 perfect rescues dogs, and I am thankful every day for finding them. <3

    legit makes me want to cry! so sweet :)

    one of the most misunderstood breed! #dogs #cute #love