Accorfding to this HP quiz I'm Ginny Weasley! The book one though, strong and beautiful, not awk like the movies

Pinterest Bilder von Harry Potter. Lustige Witze, traurige Fakten, alles dabei.

Harry Potter Facts 5 on this one is wrong, but the rest of the facts are great. (New person): James WAS a Chaser in the BOOKS.


one of thes might just be the inspiration to my next tattoo. will have two at the same time after I give birth, one will be on my nape, and one to (an owl) to cover the old tattoo I have on my lower back :) art,Doodles,

Belo trabalho

Tessy - Miles Williams Mathis (American) Note: I can picture my son doing a portrait of his daughter.

Photo Manipulations or When Reality is Not Enough

Steampunk can be described as a fusion of tech and fantasy. Often resembling science fiction models, steampunk art concepts combine scientific and technological advancements with fantasy, most of the time.

Easy nose

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I set fire to da Snape // LOOK AT HER FACE!

Watched him scream as I ran away. Well he burned while I laughed 'cause I heard him screaming out some spells. The picture made me laugh so hard

“Serenity” - painting of a woman reading by Sherree Valentine Daines. #Drawing

Serenity II © Sherree Valentine DAINES (Artist, UK) via her site. Young woman reading in morning light. Ltd Ed Prints at link.