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  • Maria Andersen

    Vodka... When viewed under a microscope, crystallized slides of alcoholic beverages lit with polarized light produce fantastical compositions that are bursting with color.

  • Samantha Seletos

    Nag on the Lake: Microscopic Images of Alcoholic Drinks: Vodka

  • Melissa Voisinet

    Microscopic images of alcoholic beverages. Vodka

  • Brianna Donaghy

    the colors inspire me

  • Misty Morrison

    These pictures of the molecules that make up some of our favorite alcoholic drinks look so much like abstract art - Vodka.

  • Devyn Williams

    Framed microscopic images of your favourite cocktails behind a bar, love it! Here's vodka

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This site has a ton of pictures of alcoholic drinks closeup--this one is pretty!

#vodka as seen in a microscope :) nature usually makes #abstract #art

Microscopic images of alcoholic drinks - this is whiskey. Gorgeous :-)

Vodka Tonic under a microscope.

vodka tonic under a microscope. This is stunning and I'm tempted to drink them just cause they are pretty. :-) @fifikins thoughts?

vodka bevshot BevShot is a photograph of alcohol under a microscope. The naturally occurring colors are unaltered and represent the magnified crystalline structure for each concoction

some are funny...some were def. not what i thought they were...and some totally were :)

This is a cross section of the stem of the plant commonly known as goosegrass or sticky Jack and more scientifically as Galium aparine.

Peacock feather under a microscope - this is not beadwork but I can imagine these colors/texture stitched together in spiral seed bead work. The image breaks the palette down very nicely

Vodka under a polarisation microscope

microscopic view of tequila!