Public Hospital for Persons of Insane and Disordered Minds (aka Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg, Virginia). Presently a museum on the original site operated by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

Historic Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg, Virginia - reconstructed museum (Colonial Williamsburg Foundation).

Abandoned State Hospital

Detail from a gravestone at Colonial Williamsburg.

Stone marking the original site of the scaffold where Anne Boleyn and others were executed . It reads, "The following persons are known to have been executed on this spot."

Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg, Virginia (roots date back circa 1766) captured by Union troops in 1862. Rebuilt in 1773 - original 1773 buildings lost in electrical fire in 1885. Between 1937-68 all patients were moved to a new location on the outskirts of Williamsburg. In 1985, the original building was rebuilt on it's excavated foundations by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation & now operates as a museum.

Asylum: Operating Table?

Forgotten cremains at Oregon State Mental Hospital (aka Insane Asylum).

Pennsylvania--Norristown State Hospital (historical building)

Abandoned Psychiatric Hospitals

Volterra Psychiatric hospital

Abandoned state hospital. Why do all these abandoned hospitals and mental instituitions seem to have such marvelous staircases?

Beautiful King Street floral display in Alexandria, Virgina

Lincoln- one of the best movies I have seen in my lifetime. And it was filmed in Hanover County, Williamsburg and Richmond, Virginia.

Lier Mental Hospital

Hudson River State Hospital. Operated 1873 - 2000s. Located on US 9 on the Poughkeepsie-Hyde Park town line, New York.

Taunton State Hospital - Massachusetts, formerly known as the State Lunatic Hospital at Taunton. Photographed by Fallout Urban Exploration, 2003-2006.

Burial markers at Cedar Lane Cemetery on the grounds of Milledgeville's Central State Hospital.

Bottle of Godfrey's Mixture used in the pharmacy of a mental health hospital in Victoria Australia circa 1860. It contained laudenum (an opiate) and treacle (molasses) and was used as a sedative. Collection Museum Victoria

Lighthouse Chincoteague Assateague Island Virginia Maryland Eastern Shore

Rosewell Plantation ruins, Gloucester, Virginia. Thomas Jefferson was a frequent visitor, and wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence here.