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#minimalistic Hi-Line kitchen island designed by Ferruccio Laviani by Dada #green

Chaser Hecker

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G.A.B.B.E LOVES: - Black steel framed leg to island bench - Black steel pendant above island - Juxtaposition of black and white tones throughout WWW.GABBE.COM.AU GET IN TOUCH

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HI-LINE DADA — design Ferruccio Laviani

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Piaulin´s Interior by Jakub Čech, via Behance #home_ideas #home_decor #home_design #home_decorating #kitchen_ideas #living_room_ideas #cooking #entertaining #storage_ideas #pantry_ideas #mirror_kitchen #thinkingofyou

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Design by Ferruccio Laviani

ArchDailyfrom ArchDaily

House W-DR / GRAUX & BAEYENS architecten

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Minimalist kitchen

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minimalistic kitchen

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Perfect Compact Kitchen @kitchen@design

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minimalist kitchen

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Árborg House / PK Arkitektar

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© Rafael Pinho Gorgeous wooden furniture in this minimalist kitchen. #minimalist #kitchen #minimalistspace

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Minimalistic white #kitchen

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Amazing white modern furniture for your minimalist kitchen. #minimalist #kitchen #furniture #minimalistspace

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Minimalist modern white kitchen

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Green, black and white

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Kitchen in Lleida, Spain #architecture #interiors #design #kitchen #white #minimalist

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Simple and minimalist home - via Coco Lapine Design



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:: Black wall in the kitchen ::

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#minimalistic #kitchen by #tingbo with light wood

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black kitchens by the style files, via Flickr

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Zone, minimalist kitchen island by Boffi_

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#minimalistic #kitchen and open-plan living room