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Stranger Danger Fail. I have a sneaking suspicion that this would be my kid if I ever have one....

precious here to find out more

do I ever have to grow up/i used to have stuff for soccer. I needed meds. I am not madl If nothing else, ask iff anyone has one, knows where they got it .

This is adorable. Reminds me of my cat Gus who was really a "dog" cat.

cute! hehehe. we would do that if we knew eachother at this age :)

❀ I want to own one black cat, to come home to and cuddle every night after a long day ❀ #LYD #Sportsgirl

Alice in Wonderland Costume Tutu Dress and by YourSparkleBox, $94.95-wow

Baby Garden Gnome Halloween Costume!! And looks reasonably easy to DIY, at that. ♥

One or two rolls of 6" wide tulle, no-roll elastic 1” shorter than kid’s waist, sewn together to make circle. Measure from waist to length you want tutu and double. (if 15”, cut 30” strips) Slip elastic above your knee & slip each strip of tulle under elastic to center of tulle strip & tie double knot. Continue until it’s as fluffy and full as you like.

@Valerie Moody @Alie Rudolf we could get a corgi if you can't find a cute kitten hehe there about the same size!