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I'm sorry I'm so so sorry I'm sorry I've got to be this way. But it hurts me more than you think I wish it wasn't like this anymore. Forgive me for being this way I need help I need comfort. Please just save me from myself


Your heart hurts my heart hurts too im not okay yet but like they say I have to try harder because it's still not good enough


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You left me almost homeless, you left me for having children, you left me without saying your sorry. You continued to hurt me by gossiping and speaking unkind, untrue things about my being to cover who you really are, how sad for you. COWARD YOU ARE, COWARD YOU WILL BE.


I still love you so much but im so scared this is going to end and hurt so bad


If someone else leaves me I don't know what I'll do.. By the way thank you dad (I hate calling you that) for starting all of this, it's your fault why I'm scared everyone will just up and leave me.. Ya know kind of how you did? On Christmas? You up and left me and my mom and my brother..

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Making Sure Emotional Flooding Doesn't Capsize Your Relationship

This quote makes so much sense to me. When being flooded by emotions or symptoms, it can be overwhelming. They come out of nowhere at times. I am not always aware of the triggers that set me off until much later. Although it's good to know the trigger that knowledge doesn't help at the time of flooding. It does help me to know what to avoid the next time so that I don't turn to isolation. This site gives practical advice of how to cope with the flood before it becomes a rip tide.


It's hard to try and forget someone, even when they have hurt you so much yet your heart still loves them. I don't think I will ever understand why you are hurting in the first place. You ignored me and pushed me away all the time, yet get so angry when I move on. Remember to always say your feelings people!! Never lie or try to go against how you feel!!! its a disaster waiting to happen!


You hate when people see you cry because you want to be that strong girl. At thr same time, though, you hate how nobody notices how torn apart and broken you are. So true.


i like to be left alone but when people don't notice i'm absent it hurts and i know its my own fault for becoming invisible for isolating myself but just once i want someone to notice to truly notice and care


Today's Blog Post - Why are we afraid to ask for help? Are you afraid to seek help? Or have you asked for help? What advice could you provide to those reading this to get the help they need? ~ Christina


This makes me think of my Nana. The most supportive person in my life who helped me through everything. Cancer is a terrible disease that I wish had a cure. You are forever in my heart and not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I love you Nana. <3


just when she got used to feeling wanted, he took that feeling back. like it wasn't her's to have. like he gave it to her by accident


After what happen to me I had to apologize to those I've wronged to those I've hurt. I hope you understand that it had to be done. For me to move on for me to go forward I had to put closure to my past. I love you and I'm sorry C.C.


I always smile. It hurts so much. When I pass by people, I ALWAYS smile. Always. I die a little inside every time I do. They don't know my smiles are fake. They don't know that there is a war inside of me, and I'm losing.