I'm sorry I'm so so sorry I'm sorry I've got to be this way. But it hurts me more than you think I wish it wasn't like this anymore. Forgive me for being this way I need help I need comfort. Please just save me from myself

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Oh mu gosh guys im so darn sorry i spammed you with my useless pins. They sucked. I guess its just my way of letting out my feelings since i never do. I'll just pin them on a secret board from now on so i sont disturb anyone

No one can or will love you as much or more than me ever Jesse! You are my one true love! I don't know where I would be without you in my life!

I wish it was that easy, but than again--would you fall in love with me again if it wasn't the same situation???....

Saddness is addicting and there's a sort of comfort in that

Its me macey again. I need help. I have no one. I am alone. I'm scared. Because I am getting bad again. And I can't help it.


don't you dare cry at my funeral. because i've been dead for years now. my body has just finally caught up with my soul.

I love my husband never lose sight of everything he gives me not anyone can take having your in la was move in to be cared for I love me my Leo is good times and in bad

Not even you

If I tell you "I need you," it's because I really truly trust you.. I'm letting you into my weakness and asking you to help hold me up when I struggle to stand

It's hard to try and forget someone, even when they have hurt you so much yet your heart still loves them. I don't think I will ever understand why you are hurting in the first place. You ignored me and pushed me away all the time, yet get so angry when I move on. Remember to always say your feelings people!! Never lie or try to go against how you feel!!! its a disaster waiting to happen!

Heartbreak. I saw this and melted. So much said in so few words. If we could only, just put it away until the hurting stops.

cutting and other means of self-harm tend to be taboo subjects, the people around you—and possibly even you—may harbor serious misconceptions about your motivations and state of mind. Don’t let these myths get in the way of getting help or helping someone you care about.

today i feel: abandoned, ugly, hurt, like i don't matter, useless, invisible, like i don't belong, not worthly of love, hopeless, unappreciated, numb. never mind i feel like this every day

Hey dumbass...what he did to me, he will do to you too. He is using you. At some point, you'll be whining about how badly he hurt you and how you wish you'd known what a jerk he is... I just want you to remember that I told you it would happen...i know you know him MUCH better than I do...but still...

Been there... hate depression

That's when my mind begins to wander and conjure up all these stupid ideas about you and him. It hurts.

I was saving you... but...