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I'm sorry I'm so so sorry I'm sorry I've got to be this way. But it hurts me more than you think I wish it wasn't like this anymore. Forgive me for being this way I need help I need comfort. Please just save me from myself

i don't know where i stand with you. and i don't know what i mean to you. all i know is every time i think of you, i want to be with you

sadness - Sad Quotes Photo (33422242) - Fanpop I used to hate myself so much because I thought I made too many mistakes and I was a burden and messed up. That's starting to change. I hope so anyways.

You left me almost homeless, you left me for having children, you left me without saying your sorry. You continued to hurt me by gossiping and speaking unkind, untrue things about my being to cover who you really are, how sad for you. COWARD YOU ARE, COWARD YOU WILL BE.

You hate when people see you cry because you want to be that strong girl. At thr same time, though, you hate how nobody notices how torn apa...

I wish it was that easy, but than again--would you fall in love with me again if it wasn't the same situation???....

Its me macey again. I need help. I have no one. I am alone. I'm scared. Because I am getting bad again. And I can't help it.

That one percent saved me today. And for that I love that one percent more than I have loved anything in this whole world.

i like to be left alone but when people don't notice i'm absent it hurts and i know its my own fault for becoming invisible for isolating myself but just once i want someone to notice to truly notice and care

I am afraid because I've lost too much and i don't want to waste your time nor be a burden to you....

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Wedding Handkerchief for the Mother of the Bride E4

I hate how you act like I am so much to deal with when all I've done was sit here and let you repeatedly hurt me.

When I'm upset I shut myself down I have no motivation for anything I tell myself that nobody cares even though I know some do I think about all the negative things I could possibly think about I give myself all the pain thinking I deserve it I'm not sure why I do that but that's just how I am

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My feelings are on without filters all the time. I can try to guide to the positive, but I cannot choose to turn it off.

After what happen to me I had to apologize to those I've wronged to those I've hurt. I hope you understand that it had to be done. For me to move on for me to go forward I had to put closure to my past. I love you and I'm sorry C.C.

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Dealing with Depression + Inspiration & Resources

sometimes i get so sad that it's hard to breathe. so tell me how do you expect me to talk about my demons when they're sitting on my lungs

I wish I could give you my pain just for one moment. Not to hurt you but rather so you can finally understand how much you hurt me.