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A Must Read > #Hillary Clinton 1969 Thesis on Saul #Alinsky – Full Text #tcot

A Must Read > #Hillary Clinton 1969 Thesis on Saul #Alinsky boy that's ironic, wasn't Obama a Saul Alinsky fan?????

10 Yoga Poses to Relieve Anxiety

One of the benefits of yoga is creating a balance within oneself. There are yoga poses that benefit many things that trouble individuals and one area with which yoga can be particularly helpful is anxiety. By turning one’s focus in to their breath and their body’s movement, these 10 yoga poses can to relieve anxiety.

This is a very narrow view of a very broad issue. First off, the child can't feel the abortion. They haven't developed pain receptors at the time most babies are aborted. Also being murdered and not being born are two very different things.

Saul Alinsky Dedicated His Book "Rules For Radicals" TO LUCCIFER (SATAN)-- The same Saul Alinsky Hillary Clinton & Obama hold allegiance to.

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