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Getting Vehicle Ready Put Towels and Garbage Bag in Car to put on the seat for the ride to the hospital. In case water breaks, you won’t have another thing to clean when getting home from the hospital.

55 Genius Storage Inventions That Will Simplify Your Life - Page 41 of 56

55 Genius Storage Inventions That Will Simplify Your Life -- A ton of awesome organization ideas for the home (car too!). A lot of these are really clever storage solutions for small spaces.

Creative Storage and Organization Ideas for Your Car

You can design a sturdy metal rack hanging from the rear seat of your vehicle with fabric magic straps. It is a storage of grocery bags, sports equipment, drinks and more. Besides, you can fold it up when not in use so that it is out of the way against the back of the seat.

Wood Tilt-Out Trash Cabinet - Until a few weeks ago, we had a nice stainless steel trash can. Nice…but still a bit of an eyesore being a trashcan and all. Then…

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Tips to Restore Your Car's Interior

Want to get top dollar when you sell your car? Dealers know that spiffing up the interior of a used car is the best way to command a higher price. Whether you're planning to sell your vehicle or just want to freshen up your daily driver, we'll show you how to slap the shabby off your vehicle's interior. It's neither hard nor expensive, and you'll be amazed at just how new your car's interior will look.