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I used to dislike being a "Ginger".the red hair and freckles really got me teased, but now I wear them proudly

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A girl without freckles....cute quote!  Funny / humor / women / girls / red hair / freckles

Yes! Freckles make little girls adorable and big girls beautiful!


Not red head but still

This quote makes me wish I was a gorgeous redhead like @Sally Wright

"once in his life every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead" ~Lucille Ball

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red head quotes/ Redheads are GOD's way of giving the world ROSES.

I'm not quite a ginger but this still happens often.

It's a ginger thing that awkward moment when strangers nearby talk about how much they love the color of your hair, as if you can't hear them.

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And then they say "Oh, it doesn't apply to you!" And you're there thinking uh yeah, it kinda does since you know, I'm a redhead!

Or even when people just say something about redheads and then you feel like everyone is staring at you intently.

Love this for all the redheads in my life.

I love this Katie! One day an owner of a consignment store told me that I reminded him of his Grandpa." He replied, "My Grandpa always told me that a girl without freckles is like a night without stars".