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Wings of eyes

The European Peacock (Inachis io), more commonly known simply as the Peacock butterfly, is a colorful butterfly, found in Europe and temperate Asia as far east as Japan.

papillon .  Look at the antenna - it is a male.

Gods creation are amazing! -Close up with and Atlas Moth (Attacus atlas), family Saturniidae (the silk or emperor moths). This species has the largest wingspread of any moth species

Between our birth and death we may touch understanding, As a moth brushes a window with its wing.  ~Christopher Fry

Io Moth (Automeris io) is a very colorful North American moth - Both sexes have one big black to bluish eyespot on each hindwing, a defense mechanism meant to frighten off potential predators. (Photo by Igor Siwanowicz)


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Sռaҡ Bʊttɛʀʄʟʏ,  fooled me when I first saw this picture!

Atlas Moth (Attacus Atlas) ~ the tip of the moth's wing is camouflaged to resemble the head of a distinctive cobra snake. When disturbed, the Atlas moth falls to the ground and writhes about to complete the illusion.

Papillon #Spiders

Papillon #Spiders

Madagascan Moon Moth

Comet moth, Argema mittrei, one of the most beautiful moths in the world. The Comet moth or Madagascan Moon Moth, is named after its long red 'tails'.


alexander jansson-"Monsters in a flying hat". Monsters would be great felted.

Atlas Moths, the largest moth species in the world. Butterfly keeper Heather Prince holds one these beautiful newly emerged Atlas Moths at Chester Zoo.

Big moth-er: Butterfly keeper Heather Prince holds one of Chester Zoo's newly emerged Atlas Moths, the largest moth species in the world. The Attacus Atlas Moth found in southeast Asia and Malay Archipelago