Footlong sub!! Haha... Aw poor baby is this cruel or hilarious? I guess that's up to the parents. Will you baby be dressed in a subway costume this Halloween? One thing we can say, it's an original costume idea!

great kids costume!

Piglet #crochet #halloween #costume

9 Cute Baby Costumes

Snowman Baby OH MY GOODNESS! I can just see Lacey in this costume!! Precious!!

Adorable. Adorable.

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Simple guide to creating a Margo Halloween costume. From the Despicable Me and Minions movies.

baby Gnome #provestra

#13 is the one I made for my neighbor: 31 Disney Costume Tutorials You Have To Try This Halloween | Disney Halloween Costumes DIY | Disney Halloween Costumes for Kids |

Haha! Funny costume! Marshmallow roasting over a camp fire! This is a unique idea....

How to dress up as Scarlet Overkill! The new Minions movie is coming!! The next villain Scarlet Overkill is going to be a hit costume at your next dress up party! It really helps that she has such a sassy style!

The easy DIY no sew Scarlet Overkill costume. Unique idea for Halloween 2015 with inspiration from the minions movie.

Little Old Lady costume… haha!

Minion Costume - mascot style. Awesome Halloween costume idea for 2015

Halloween Costume Ideas 2015 - awesome

OH MY GOSH!! baby penguin!!! OH MY GOSH! And this will be my baby's first Halloween costume...

10 Food-Themed Baby Costumes For Halloween

Hilarious Baby Halloween Costumes!

baby pig costume for Halloween