10th Doctor paper doll

The Doctor Paper Doll

11th Doctor paper doll

10th Doctor Collage by ~PyneappleJPRGdftba on deviantART

Before The Doctor

Doctor Who Magnets - more wants...

I want to get a card like this :) its cute...and I love Doctor Who

The Doctor

Nerd Craft of the Day: Doctor Who Romance Paper Craft.

Vintage Doctor Who Necklace; I remember my friend once bought me this... then the TARDIS fell off while I was wearing it outside and I never found it. o(╥﹏╥)o

10th Doctor Cosplay Apron on etsy

10th Doctor Silhouette...prefect for when I make a bleach sweatshirt!!!---MAKE ME ONE TOO

Now we know why the 10th Doctor's hair was so flat in the trailer

Why I love Doctor Who

The Doctor

It's the Doctor!!! 0_o


Vintage Doctor Who Necklace. My bestie bought me this for my birthday and a sonic screwdriver and I wear it today

Oh, his face!