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    • Robyn Langmaier

      Little girl at the zoo; giraffe

    • Kim

      I love giraffes ..I need to get to the Zoo and zen out with my animal friends...

    • Samantha Payne

      The face is great.

    • Demarcus Swaniawski

      Hahahahaha#gags #funny photos #funny story

    • Phil Man

      Funny Pictures, Funny jokes and so much more | Jokideo | Go to the Zoo they said it will be fun they said |

    • Emma Anderson

      I was actually at the zoo today and watched the little kids feeding the giraffes. This is hilarious:)

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    Spanish language humor. You should wear this to class @Amanda Snelson Sargent Adkins haha

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    y para terminar...... humor del bueno www.gorditosenluc...

    Esto es muy divertido y útil. Eso es lo que sucede cuando las palabras suenan igual pero tienen significados diferentes. Pobre pingüino!

    Haha I laughed way too hard at this!

    #Spanish jokes for kids #chistes para niños

    ¡Los hermanos Mario! Hahaha. I can still read enough Spanish to get this! SO. Ahem. It goes “Hey Mario Brothers!” then “Mom, why do you never remember my name?” and then “Sorry, green Mario.” #Spanish

    Soy una toalla :D jajaja quiero que le pase eso a mushi irlanda alanis