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Vintage Typewriter Key Necklace - Punctuation - Semicolon - Brass

Vintage Typewriter Key Necklace - Punctuation - Period - Silver

Vintage Typewriter Key Earrings - Brass Edwardian - Semicolon

Vintage typewriter key earrings on brass filigree settings. We work with genuine vintage typewriter keys that have been used for love letters and poetry...

Victorian Mourning Necklace, LOVED ONES Pocket Watch Fob Necklace

Semicolon Jewelry. Semicolon Necklace. Inspirational Strength Jewelry. Warrior Necklace. Addiction Recovery. Mental Health Awareness

Semicolon Jewelry. Semicolon Necklace. by erinpelicano on Etsy

Steampunk Necklace - Victorian Butterfly on Brass Art Deco Watch

Our steampunk necklaces are made with genuine antique mechanical watch movements, many with ruby jewel bearings. This sophisticated steampunk watch movement necklace featuring a vintage watch movement

Antique Brass Keyhole Choker Style Necklace

Secret Message Locket - Matte Gold Vintage Ball Locket Necklace - makes a great gift

What a wonderful gift for a friend, daighter, sister, or mom! Write your love note to go inside this locket. I just bought one for myself. What love note shall I write to me?

Steampunk Jules Verne pocket watch key NECKLACE Victorian locket pendant

Jules Verne pocket watch key necklace. #steampunk