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God's Political Party - Iran Contra: On the White House lawn in 1985, Reagan introduced the bearded leaders of the mujahideen to the US media: "These gentlemen are the moral equivalents of America's founding fathers." One such mujahideen leader was Osama bin Laden. Donald Trump: "The economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans."

Inauthentic Idolatries - Mutilating the Manhood: Circumcision demonstrates total submission to Yahweh (or Allah), symbolized by the mutilation of the manhood. In fact, it is submission to the gods' evil ambassadors on earth. > > > “There are many different indications that we are at a tipping point in Israel. To say that the ultra-Orthodox hold on the Rabbinate and religious life is crumbling might be overstating it. But it is certainly cracking.” - Rabbi Rick Jacobs. > > > Click image!

Absurd Dogmas - White House Idolatry: Jesus' Law or Jefferson's? ..In GOOD We Trust: "Our ignorance is God; what we know is science. When we abandon the doctrine that some infinite being created matter and force, and enacted a code of laws for their government ... the real priest will then be, not the mouth-piece of some pretended deity, but the interpreter of nature." - Robert Ingersoll > > > Einstein: The worship of false gods such as Yahweh is "fatal" for human progress.> > > Click image!

Is Idolatry Necessary? Freedom for (& from) Idolatry - The Greatest Fraud - Post Judeo-Christian: The Church of England - a church that's sick of itself. > > > > Whoever thinks that Allah will not give Muhammad victory should go hang himself. Qur'an 22:15 > > > Mohler spoke about the "priority of preaching in a post-Christian age" at the seminar… Secularism -- or secular space -- dominates the world, Mohler said. ...

Obama celebrates fifth Seder at the White House - Celebrating the Seder dinner at the White House has been a personal tradition Obama began during his 2008 presidential campaign...

White House Idolatry “He didn't know he was being used by God,” the president said of the shooter. Holocaust Haggadah: The God of Passover, Yahweh, who hardened Pharaoh’s heart and slaughtered all the first-born of Egypt, is the same barbaric, primitive idolatry of the Holocaust, who hardened Hitler’s heart and slaughtered most of the Jews of Europe.

It does not require great art, or magnificently trained eloquence, to prove that Christians should tolerate each other. I, however, am going further - Voltaire versus the idolatries - Yahweh, Jesus & Allah.GIF

For the past two Passovers, President Barack Obama has hosted Seders in the White House, becoming the first president in history to do so...

Pascal's Wager -the merciful Allah has been sending Christians to burn in hell for eternity because of their horrific idolatry, the belief in the absurd, criminal concept of the Trinity. > > > Click image!