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    How to clean a microfiber couch.

    • Janice Jones

      THIS TOTALLY WORKS! Tom got a lot of black pen on our couch, and the rubbing alcohol took it right off!!!! Neato mosquito! How to clean microfiber furniture.

    • big fun

      How to clean microfiber furniture- found this on another site when my daughter took a purple pen to our microfiber dining chairs! It actually worked! (And worked again a week later when she took a pen to our microfiber sofa!!)

    • Jennifer Gallo Hout

      How to clean microfiber couches with rubbing alcohol. It actually works well (smells bad) but dries quickly.

    • Cassie Young

      Not sure if this will work on mine since it isn't white, but good to know for if my cleaner runs out! how to clean microfiber furniture. Vacuum, spray with rubbing alcohol and a white sponge, micro fiber brush in a Circular motion

    • Kaylie Pyle

      how to clean microfiber furniture. Vacuum, spray with rubbing alcohol and a white sponge, micro fiber brush in a Circular motion. @Kristi Swonke....this might work for y'alls couch. :)

    • anna henn

      THIS WORKED! How to clean microfiber couches. 1)spray with rubbing alcohol 2)rub vigorously with a white sponge (sponge will pick up dirt) 3)let dry 4)rub with clean white bristle brush in a circular motion.

    • Megan Blethen {crafty meggy}

      Clean microfiber couches with rubbing alcohol. (We've done this twice with pen markings on our couch when brynnan was 2. It works amazing!!)

    • Laura Skelton

      how to clean microfiber furniture (cleaning tips)

    • Samantha Henshall

      Cleaning ideas

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